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Your website in 3 business daysAfter fulfilling the following steps:First: Answer and send us the questionnaire.This questionnaire is designed to help you write the content of your website. We will propose an essay based on your answers and then you can make the adjustments you consider necessary. Click here to see the questionnaire.The questionnaire contains technological, administrative and content aspects related to your page. If you already have a presentation brochure for your business, send us that information along with the questionnaire.Additionally, the answers to the questionnaire allow us to recommend the option of Web Brochure that suits you, because it gives us an idea of ​​the extension of your texts.Consult the variety of designs and review the Basic or Advanced web brochure examples. They are good examples for organizing and writing the content of your page.

Second: Select a design for your page.FolletoWeb offers a wide variety of design options for both the Basic Model and the Advanced Model . Which is the most convenient for you? It depends on the volume and complexity of the content.Check the variety of available designs and select the model that you consider most similar to the web page you want.If you have doubts, we can guide you and indicate a recommendation, after we receive your questionnaire answered.

Third: Make the corresponding payment.Contact us by email or by phone to provide a formal budget with the total amount of the service, according to the model of selected WebSpeech and if you want our registration and domain registration service.

Form of payment: 50% at the start of your WebShop and 50% at the moment of finishing it and being approved by you.You must make a bank deposit in Unibanca, in the name of Cograf Communications, in the Current Account No. 420-1007599, or in the Venezuelan Credit Bank, in the Current Account No. 001-0182336.You can also send us a check or make a bank transfer. In any case, you must notify us of the corresponding payment.

Fourth: Review and approve your web page.After receiving the questionnaire and the payment of 50%, we will do a first test of your page in 3 business days, and will have up to 5 working days to review the test tell us all the corrections you want.The price of FolletoWeb includes making the corrections it deems necessary, only once. Any additional or subsequent change will have an average surcharge of US $ 45 per interface.Cograf undertakes to process your corrections within 2 business days after receipt, and your page is published immediately afterwards.Remember that you can always make changes to texts and images, or add other content. Consult the additional services of FolletoWeb.