Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the doubts that normally have those interested in the services of FolletoWeb. If you have any questions that are not here, please, do not hesitate tocontact us .

About the FolletoWeb service– What is FolletoWeb? – What should I do to have a Web Folleto? – If I already have a web page, can I have a Web Folleto? – Can I convert a Basic Web Folder into Advanced? – How do I write information about my business?

Design aspects– What are the design criteria of FolletoWeb? – Can more photos be published than those contemplated? – What if I do not have photos of my business or my products? – What if my company does not have a logo?

Domain Registration– What is the domain name? – How do I get the domain of my page? – Who determines if the page is .com, .net or .org? – What if I already have a registered domain?

About the Hosting Service– What is the hosting of a web page? – What is the most important thing about lodging? – What are the benefits of hosting with FolletoWeb? – Can I host FolletoWeb on any server?

Aspects of technology and programming– How does FolletoWeb work? – Can I update the content of my page?

Promotion of the website– How can I promote my WebShop?