Basic Web Brochure – 2 pages

Basic Web Brochure – 2 pages

An ideal option to support the sales and marketing of your business, with a professionally developed website at a very reasonable price. 

The Basic Web Brochure includes: • Design and programming of 2 pages-interfaces. • Advice to write the texts of your page through a questionnaire . •Digitization of 7 photographs or graphics. • Digitization of your company’s logo. •Design and programming of all technological requirements. • Address and telephone numbers of their offices, plants and / or branches. • Immediate registration of your page in ( you save Bs. 100,000 ) 

How much information can you display in a Basic WebShop? 
The equivalent of 3 letter-sized sheets, with texts and photographs. In one of the pages-interfaces, the “Home”, can present all the information related to your business, products and / or services. 

On the other page, “Contact us”, you will have an electronic spreadsheet so that the people who visit your website can communicate with you through it. 

If you need more interfaces, the FolletoWeb service is 100% flexible! You can have the pages you need or the design can be adapted to your specific requirements. Simply contact us to tell us what you want.

Likewise, FolletoWeb is an ideal option for those who want to renew or need to redesign their existing web page . Please, contact us about it. 

We design your Web Brochure in 3 working days We
only need the questionnaire answered, the photographs and images for your web page and the payment that corresponds to the selected FolletoWeb model. 

Basic Web Brochure price:
• Design and programming (one payment only):Bs.170,000• Domain registration (one annual payment):Bs.40,000• Hosting Service (one annual payment):Bs.200,000Total:Bs.410,000
If you have already registered a domain and the hosting service, FolletoWeb is the only thing you need to start supporting the commercial management of your business. 

If you need advice on what the domain and / or accommodation is, please contact uswithout any obligation. 

View the design s available FolletoWeb and if you are interested in hiring the service see what would be the next steps