A web page as a marketing and advertising tool .

A web page as a 
marketing and advertising tool .

FolletoWeb is the most convenient alternative to have an Internet presence with a professionally developed website at a reasonable price.

FolletoWeb is ideal for businesses, small and medium businesses, professional services, social organizations, and anyone looking to take advantage of the Internet to:

Help your customers find where their office, store, and make out their telephone, fax and email numbers.
Persuade your potential customers why you have the most convenient products or services for them.
Offer your products or services for sale, regardless of whether customers should call you by phone or visit your business to buy them.
Provide information about aspects of your business so that it is more valued: years of experience, track record, resources available, list of clients, etc.

FolletoWeb is also an excellent option to have a personal web page, for the family or to redesign an existing page, because it is easy, fast and economical.

FolletoWeb is 100% flexible.

You can start with a Basic Model and then turn it into an Advanced Model.
You can have other sections, if the specific needs of the client require it.
Changes of texts and images can be made to update the content, very quickly and at a reasonable price.
Meetings with the client are not required. The structuring of the information is based on a questionnaire that we send by email and the selection of the design is very easy thanks to the use of previously established graphic models.

FolletoWeb has the support of Cograf, a company with more than 11 years of experience editing printed brochures and developing sites on the Internet such as:

• Auyantepui.com • Gumtree ZA •Postales.com • Jeje.com

• TuSuerte.com.ve • ElBazardePostales.com •PronósticosF1.com • FolletoWeb.com

Consult our basic or advanced models . Review a list of answers to frequently asked questions about the service. And if you really have an interest in FolletoWeb, see how to get started .

Wide variety of options

We offer a wide variety of designs, adaptable to the specific needs of each company, business or person. Based on pre-established graphic patterns, we customize enough visual elements so that each web page is unique and different.

FolletoWeb offers more than 40 styles of designs for different types of businesses and organizations: restaurants, management companies, clothing stores, dry cleaners, garages, dental clinics, manufacturing industries, photographers, photographers, computer companies and equipment sales. advertising companies, union organizations, social clubs and civil associations, among others.